Coming Soon: Wounded (cover reveal and teaser)

                                                        Coming Christmas 2012

Wounded, a new stand-alone title from bestselling author Jasinda Wilder, is a poignant tale of love and survival despite overwhelming odds and insurmountable opposition. Rania is a young woman alone in a war-torn city, forced by starvation to make an awful decision if she is to survive. Hunter is a US Marine with a broken heart, grievously wounded behind enemy lines. Thrown together by war and mutual loss, Rania and Hunter must not only learn to communicate with each other, but to rely on each other, and, in time, to face the welter of impossible emotions they both feel, but know they shouldn’t. The price of love for Rania and Hunter is not just potential heartbreak, but their very survival.


I wake up in the darkness. Shadows have eaten me. Silence sits on my chest like a wet, heavy blanket. I look around me, see shapes in the shadows. A chair, a table. A mirror reflecting shards of starlight. A square of lighter black with a swatch of pinprick stars: a window. Hard earth beneath me.
I want to get up. Need to get up. Can’t stay here. Gotta get back to the guys. I manage an inch upward before pure agony bolts through me and I cry out, a soft grunt, high pitched and girly. Goddamn sissy whimpers. I grit my teeth to silence myself.
Scratching, motion, rustling cloth then a face appears above me, blocking my view of the stars. Blond hair hangs loose in long waves around her bare shoulders. I’m struck again by how stunningly beautiful she is, even in the dark of midnight black.
She says something in Arabic and touches the center of my chest to push me down, a featherlight touch between bullet holes in each shoulder. I stare at her, unable to look away. I wish it was light so I could see her better.
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  1. Sigh! This story sounds better by the minute! Can’t wait! As always Love ya Work Jas!!! 🙂 xx

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