Big Girls Do It Pregnant (teaser #2) – Explicit

Warning this teaser is not for those under the age of 18 or those that don’t enjoy reading about sexy times. 

Chapter 7: ANNA
I heard my phone ringing. It was distant, hazy. I struggled up through the fog of sleep, reaching for it even as I felt Jeff stir next to me, nudging me with his foot and mumbling, “Phone’s ringing.”
I snagged it off the nightstand and brought it to my ear. I’d forgotten it was plugged in, though, so the cord jerked it out of my hands to fall, still ringing, between the nightstand and the bed. I cursed floridly, reaching for it, unable to quite grasp it. Still swearing, I finally managed to grab it with my thumb and forefinger, swiping the ‘answer’ tab immediately.
“Hello?” I sounded out of breath and frustrated. The clock on the nightstand read eight-oh-six in the morning.
“Uh, hi, Anna. It’s Chase.” He sounded exhausted and exhilarated.
“Hi Chase. How’s Jamie?” I felt Jeff sit up next to me.
“She had the baby about an hour ago.”
“An hour ago?” I shrieked. “She was supposed to call me first so I could be there! God, we’re so fighting!”
Chase laughed. “I’ll tell her you said that. Things happened really suddenly, though. We were in a holding pattern for a long time, just waiting. Then her water broke and she had the baby within like, fifteen minutes.”
“Gotcha. We’ll be there in a few minutes. Congrats, Chase! You’re daddy! How does it feel?”
“It’s amazing. It was, no lie, the most incredible experience of my entire life.” I heard him sigh, holding the phone away from his mouth. “She’s actually sleeping right now, but they’re going to move us to a recovery room soon. Well, soon in hospital terms.”
“So like, four hours?” I said.
“Exactly. Have some breakfast before you come up. There’s no rush. We’ll be here.”
“Ok. What room are you in?” I asked.
“I’ll text you the room number when we get moved.”
“Okay.” I paused. “Chase? I’m happy for you. You’ll be a great daddy.”
“Thanks, Anna.” He hung up, and I flopped back on the bed.
“She had the baby an hour ago,” I said.
“Well, lets get our asses up and showered, have some breakfast, and go see them.” Jeff suited action to words, moving into the bathroom and starting the shower.
Instead of getting in himself, though, he returned to the bed and dragged me out, pushing me to the bathroom, stripping me of my nightshirt and panties in the process. I had been laughing up until he pushed my panties off and knelt in front of me on the bathroom tile, a hungry look on his face. I leaned back against the sink, staring down at Jeff’s blazing brown eyes. He ran his hands up from my ankles to my knees, up the backs of my thighs, carving hot trails around between them in a teasing brush along my folds.
My breath caught and I closed my eyes in anticipation. I felt his fingers close around my ankle and lift. I cooperated, setting my foot on the closed lid of the toilet, holding the edge of the sink with both hands for balance. His fingers slid up the inside of my thigh, sliced through my folds and swiped through the slick heat deep inside me. I gasped and felt my knees weaken, then buckle when his tongue slid against my clit and began slow circles around it. I let go of the sink with one hand to run my fingers through his soft, brown, close-cropped hair, pulling him against me as the fire began to boil in my core. Two fingers slipped inside me and curled against my G-spot, buckling my knees again and sending lances of lightning through me.
I felt myself riding the edge, teetering on the brink of climax. Instead of letting him bring me over the edge, I tugged him up, tilting his face away from my core. “I need you. I want you inside me. I want us to come together.”
He stood up slowly, and I felt the tip of his cock nudge against me. I wrapped my leg around his hip and he held it there, lifting up on his toes to enter me. As he slid into me, he leaned in to kiss me, his tongue spearing into my mouth. My belly was in the way, though, so he had to lean back to thrust into me. I still had one hand gripping the sink for balance, and I put my other hand on his shoulder, pulling myself up and sliding down to meet his thrust. He leaned away from me, stretching his cock as far as it would comfortably go, and we both watched as he drew out and slid back in, setting a slow rhythm. I watched my folds stretch around him, watched his thick length driving in and sliding out, finding something erotic in the play of skin against skin, against the wet glistening of his cock and the way we fit together so perfectly.
Jeff’s free hand slipped between our bodies to touch the hypersensitive nub of my clit, barely touching it, brushing it with a feather-light touch that had me jerking and arching my back, needing more, wanting all he could give me.
The only sound was our bodies meeting, wet sliding, slick sucking, mouths kissing and breath gasping, fingers scratching and scraping. Then the heat billowed through me and stirred me hotter and Jeff’s strokes grew frantic and his fingers on my clit circled rough and pushed against me and made me wild and touched me so perfectly. He lifted up on his toes and jerked me closer by the leg, fingers clutching my thigh and pulling me behind the knee, and each thrust of his cock had me gasping, sent my body to trembling and spasming and gasping. My head lolled back on my shoulders and I felt my breasts bouncing with each thrust, and I knew he was still holding himself back, still forcing himself into a measure of gentility and I loved him all the more for it.
 I careened over the edge into climax without warning, digging my fingers into his bicep and whispering his name in a breathless prayer. I felt him release in that moment, at the exact instant of my orgasm. I knew he’d been keeping it back, holding, waiting until I came. God, the man always, always knew how to give me exactly what I needed.
Is it bad that one of the things I loved most about my relationship with Jeff was our sex life? I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s the only thing, and it’s not the thing I love the most about Jeff as a man, but our sexual relationship never failed to leave me breathless. Even when it was plain old vanilla missionary in the dark on a Sunday night, it was perfect. He was perfect. Slow and sweet when I needed him tender, rough and ready fucking when I needed him powerful and erotic.
And this? Standing up in the bathroom, thirty-four weeks pregnant? God, so amazing.
If you’d told me yesterday that I’d be fucking Jeff like this, I’d have laughed at you. I’d have told you there was no way I could manage standing sex at this stage of my pregnancy. Yet here I am, coming so hard I can barely breathe, clutching Jeff for dear life as my entire body convulses, my leg slipping from his grip and driving him deeper inside me, his cock still spasming and thrusting, our mouths crashing together in a rough and raw kiss of desperate love, furious expression of need.
We breathed together for long minutes as we regained our bearings.
And then contractions struck. The first one hit me like a ton of bricks, my womb clamping down with enough force to leave me doubled over, gasping for breath.
“Anna? Shit, Anna?”
I pulled myself upright, clinging to Jeff with both hands as another contraction hit me hard on heels of the first.  “It should pass,” I gasped. “Sex can cause contractions, but it rarely induces labor. Just…just give me a minute.”
I felt Jeff’s worried gaze on me, and but I ignored it, resting my cheek on his chest and breathing through the pain. Finally the contraction left me and I was able to straighten and stand on my own.
“See?” I said, “It’s gone.”
“Maybe we shouldn’t—” Jeff started.
“Oh hell no,” I interrupted. “Unless the doctor tells us we can’t, you’re not taking away my orgasms. Especially since I’ll be without them for six weeks after the birth. I read on some internet mommy’s chat-board that these contractions are actually good somehow. They soften the cervix or something.”
Jeff frowned. “It looked painful.”
I shrugged. “It was. It’s worth it to me, though.” I pushed him toward the shower, which was still running. “Now get in, before we don’t have any hot water left.”
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