Jack and Djinn is LIVE!

”Another winner from the amazingly talented Jasinda Wilder. I never once doubted the author’s ability to deliver a compelling story, one stretching the boundaries in regards to her norm, but this is pure genius – creativity at it’s best. 5 stars! ” – Brandi’s Bookshelf

“Jack and Djinn is a step outside the norm for a Jasinda Wilder book, but that just makes it so much more impressive! Wilder takes a gander at the paranormal romance genre, and produces an original and exciting read” -Amazon reader 

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Miriam’s life is a hot mess. Ben won’t let her go and she knows she can’t take anymore. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow. But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her.

One night, Ben’s alcohol-fueled abuse explodes hotter than it ever has before, and Miriam isn’t sure she’ll survive it this time.

Then Miriam meets Jack. Sweet, handsome, brave, and totally unafraid of the strange and often scary things that have begun happening whenever Miriam’s emotions run high.

As things between Miriam and Jack heat up, so does Ben’s jealous rage, as well as the mysterious fire that seems to burn hotter and hotter inside Miriam. She quickly discovers two things: one, that she has a lot more power and strength hidden within herself than she’d ever imagined, and two, that Jack’s gentle, unwavering love can heal a lifetime of wounds and scars.

Will they survive to explore all that could be between them? 

***This is a sexy, heart-stopping, full-length (80,000+ words) standalone novel.***

Hi readers! Happy weekend! 

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Gosh, it was such a long winter up here in northern Michigan. I was starting to think it would never end. I’m wishing for many days of fun and sun. If you are looking for a HOT book to enjoy by the pool or on the beach, please consider picking up Jack and Djinn. Available now! This book has a bit of everything, steam, magic, suspense, sex. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks so much for always reading and reviewing. My readers ROCK! 

Please continue to check my website (www.jasindawilder.com) for updated event and book info. You can always chat with me on Facebook and Twitter too! 

Have a great weekend! 

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