The Big Girls are back!

The Big Girls are back!

Get ready for an all new Big Girls adventure, starring that sexy British hunk, Ian Stirling.

Here’s what early reviewers are saying about BIG LOVE ABROAD:

“Kudos to you Mrs. Wilder for delivering yet another breathlessly appealing, sexually charged romance where women with curves are adoringly appreciated.”- Brandi M, Goodreads review

“Jasinda Wilder gives us yet another erotic and sexy read, perfectly written with expertly placed humor, layered emotions, and enough drama to keep you hooked from the beginning. I loved this book from start to finish, I highly recommend picking up Big Love Abroad, truthfully you can never go wrong with a Jasinda Wilder novel, she never fails to deliver the goods.” – Angie, Fan Girl Book Blog
GET IT TODAY and find out what all the BIG GIRLS rave is about.

On a personal note, I know that THE BIG GIRLS series is how so many you came to know me and my writing. Regardless if you are a “big girl” or not, these stories are about every woman, about being sexually insecure and coming into your own. Being strong, being confident in who you are and how you’re shaped. Please consider ways you could help to get the word out about this release. I would love to hear all of your ideas. I’m so excited to get the next chapter of this series out to you. I can’t wait for you to read it! Let’s get all the BIG GIRLS noticed!

The full Big Girls/Rock Stars Do It series reading order:

Book 1: Big Girls Do It Better 
Book 2: Big Girls Do It Wetter 
Book 3: Big Girls Do It Wilder 
Book 4: Big Girls Do It On Top 
Book 5: Big Girls Do It Married
Book 6: Big Girls Do It On Christmas
Book 7: Rock Stars Do It Harder
Book 8: Rock Stars Do It Dirty
Book 9 Rock Stars Do It Forever
Book 10: Big Girls Do It Pregnant 
Book 11: Big Love Abroad (can be read as a standalone)

BIG LOVE ABROAD LINKS: (just click the link below of your favorite retailer) 

AMAZON (paperback) 
Google Play – LIVE on Friday!

I really hope you enjoy BIG LOVE ABROAD! Thank you so much for the constant support, love, and encouragement.
It means the world to me.

Happy reading!
Jasinda (and Jack too) 

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  1. Ally Lee says:

    I just finished reading Big Love Abroad and it was uplifting!!! I have struggled with my weight since birth. I’m 4’11” tall and my weight fluctuates between 150-180 pounds. I received the gene from my mother!!!
    It was wonderful reading a story where the heroine looked and felt the way I do at times, when it concerns my weight and romance.
    Looking forward to the next book in this series!!!

  2. I bought the omnibus Big Girls with books 1 to 4 I believe and then Big Girls do it Married afterwards. I must say I love the plot! I am also going to purchase your books on Chase and Anna’s bf Jaymee 🙂 and also Big Girls do it on Christmas as well as Big Girls o it Pregnant (hope I got the titles right). Then I stumbled across Big Girls do it Abroad so I will be purchasing that one too 🙂 I have a NOOK so all your titles are on B&N. I also noticed your other titles so I might purchase them too…
    Thank you for coming out with an adult contemporary romance with curvy female protagonists :)))

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