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Hey friends,

Today is a really big day for me. Today is the day I’m releasing the cover for my non-fiction book, BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNINGI’m going to be honest and say that this whole process has been very scary for me, because I am putting myself out there with this book because I feel like if you really know my story, you might find the courage and strength to improve your health too. This book has taken me the longest of any book to write.

BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING contains everything you need to succeed in achieving your goals and become a fit and fabulous health warrior: tear-out shopping lists, easy menu plans, delicious recipes, and simple, effective workouts. This took me a long time to prepare, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect.
I even did an extensive BETA TEST group with my 8 week plan. Guess what? We had amazing results that I can’t wait to share with you! Below are a few important FAQ’s about the release of this book. I want to thank you in advance for joining me in this endeavor; I can’t wait to see what happens with this project!

Can I just walk and do this? YES!

Is the ebook preorder only at iBooks? YES! All other ebook stores will go live on May 10th.
You can preorder from iBooks HERE. The ebook also contains special links to all full color recipe photos and print-outs of the print book graphics.

Is there a print version? YES! There is a beautiful hardcover version which will be up for preorder shortly. Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations did some amazing journal pages and graphics that make this book a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love. Give a copy to a friend and start your health journey together!

Will there be a group for the 8 week challenge? YES! We will be starting a large Facebook group launching the week of the book release. Feel free to join us on Facebook for encouragement, prizes, special videos, and coaching from me! You can join HERE. We will be opening the doors soon!

Is your program idiot-proof, because I’ve tried everything! YES! If I can do this, you can. I’ve failed at every single diet and exercise program there’s ever been. This is easy and won’t take away your favorite foods. You can even have chocolate, wine, cake, and ice cream! This is a program of modification, not deprivation.

If you are coming to see me in DC in May, I’ll have copies to sign for you. Also, if you haven’t signed up already, please consider doing the 5k run/walk with us on Friday night. I’ll have lots of special giveaways for you that you would hate to miss out on.

Here are a few testimonials from my BETA group participants that I thought had to be shared. Maybe something they said will strike a chord and help you make the decision to join this health revolution with me.

This woman and her program have saved my life. A few weeks before being selected for this wonderful journey I was told I was going blind because of my diabetes. My blood sugars have always run in the 300s, even with up to six injections of insulin a day. I had given up in life. This program has gotten me off insulin in four weeks. For the first time in 15 years my blood sugar is normal. Jasinda has helped me be able to see for many years to come. — Sara W, 28 

The Wilder Way has been life changing for me! It’s amazing to think that eight weeks can change your life, but it completely has! Jasinda has given me the tools I need to be healthy and strong for a lifetime. Now, I can teach my children how to be healthy and strong before they become adults….I was wearing a size 24 when we started this journey, and after eight weeks I have lost 18 pounds and I am now comfortably wearing a size 18! I have lost over five inches on my waist and my skin even looks healthier!  And I know this is not a temporary loss like I’ve had with other diets and programs, because this is NOT a diet, this is a whole new outlook on food and getting healthy. I’m getting the physical movement that my body needs, something it has not had for so long. Thank you Jasinda for changing my life and my family’s lives for the better. And I’m proud to be a part of the start of a REVOLUTION! — Tracie W, 46

I have accomplished some amazing things in just eight weeks: I’ve lost pounds and inches, I’ve gone from a sedentary lifestyle to participating in a 5K, I’ve kicked my pop habit (I never in my life thought I would be able to go five weeks without a soda and not miss it!). I’ve been able to stop taking one of my daily medications and, most importantly, I feel better physically and mentally than I have in YEARS…Not only has Jasinda changed my life, but she has given it back to me. Don’t think eight weeks can change your life? Think again! — Kerry G, 44

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  1. Tracey Kruger says:

    Jasinda, this book and your transparency and openness about your journey makes you even more of an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Alina Stoica-Man says:

    I simply love you and i can’t wait for this book to come out. I’m so ready for a change 🙂

  3. Super excited to see this. Can’t wait to get my copy and get started gaining myself back.

    As much as I love motherhood, it does take something out of us. It’s the most exhaustingly wonderful job I’ve ever had, but there has to be a balance between being a mom and being yourself.

    I’d love to present it on my monthly local TV segment and talk about the results if you’re game.

  4. Misty says:

    I am so excited for this book!

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