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Today is the big day! Today my personal story and my health and wellness plan releases into the world. Yes, this book has been a very long time coming and I just can’t wait to share it with you. I really want you on this journey with me! I’m asking for 8 weeks to see if we can make some improvements in your health. Only 8 weeks of your life. All you need to do is order a copy of the book, read it, and join my Facebook group for my 8 week challenge right HERE. I’ll be closing the group next week through the whole 8 weeks of the challenge, so if you want to do it with us then now is the time to join! I’ll have coaching videos and great prizes each week. Don’t miss it!


As I said in my previous email, I plan to only offer the $5.99 ebook price for one week, so if you want it now is the time to get it. I want to make sure my readers get it at the best price.


I also want to update you on an issue we’ve had with the Amazon hardback shipping delays. Don’t fret! I’ve been told those shipping dates are constantly improving, and you will be getting books in hand much sooner then the delay emails are saying. Keep the faith and know that I’m doing everything I can to make sure you have your copy!


Don’t worry DC event readers, I’ve got 200 copies with your names on them for next week. I made sure to have lots of copies on hand for the event. See you then!


Thanks so much for the messages, love, and support for this book. It means more to me than I could ever truly express.


Let’s start a revolution!


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