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An important update about YOURS for my readers:

Some of you have noticed that I took down YOURS about a month ago. I did a big edit to it after Amazon asked if Jack and I might be willing to partner with them to get it more readers. They thought it was one of our books that slipped through the cracks. It’s hard for Jack and I to promote all of our books at the speed we write and because we felt this one was special it was difficult to see it not get as much attention as we thought it might have been due. This is one of our favorite books, probably in both of our top five out of everything we’ve written, which is close to 100 books.

Amazon has just re-released the new version. It has been deeply edited and has some new/changed content. This title is also in KU as it is published in partnership with Amazon Publishing. If you’ve never read this one, or if you’re just looking for something new, please consider YOURS. Thanks so much!

A few other important notes about this. The print and audio versions have not changed and will continue to be available everywhere. Because this is a new edition with many changes, it will not update to your old kindle file, so you can keep your older Kindle version too. This is exclusive to Amazon as it is published with them and is available in KU.

You can find it on Amazon HERE.

Thanks for your continued love and support of our work,

Jasinda and Jack

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