Step through into THE BLACK ROOM.

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Once you enter, anything goes. No fantasy—however dark and dirty and depraved it may be—is forbidden. You have no past, no inhibitions, no morals…and no memory.  

All you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch, a searing kiss, the wet slide of skin on skin, and the heat of breath across your flesh. 

Step forward…

Turn the knob…

Step through into THE BLACK ROOM.

Dear WILDer Readers, 

I need to tell you a little story about this series. This is like nothing I’ve published before. It might even be like nothing you’ve ever read before. In fact, it’s so different that I’ve gone back and forth about even publishing it at all for about a year. At one point I did even publish a part and then took it down; yes, it has the potential to be that controversial. Encouraged by my amazing WILD WITH WILDER Facebook reader group, I’ve gained the courage to hit “publish.”

It all started with a conversation with a friend about sexual fantasies, I’m going to call her Jade…Jade London. In talking with her, this story popped into my head inspired by a few of her fantasies and experiences. So just for fun, I started writing THE BLACK ROOM. Now, these stories are told in the voice I had in my head of my friend Jade, so you will notice it might be different from my other work and she is also credited as an author, since she was the inspiration for it. Yes, this series is very explicit, enough so that I would call it more like erotica/suspense with an erotic romance theme. If you have been offended by scenes in Madame X, Alpha, or Stripped I will tell you it’s probably best to skip this series all together. The sex scenes in these books are beyond even my hottest level.

You’ve been warned.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest not reading these during Thanksgiving dinner with family… it may even cause spontaneous pregnancy.

Is that enough of a warning? 

The layout and pricing of this series is also a bit unusual. I really wanted the reader to have to “enter” each door, I wanted you to have to take that step to enter the next room. So, artistically, I knew that having them stand alone as 8 separate doors was important. I also wanted to keep the pricing in line with my other books, and the only way that really made sense for me to do that was to make doors 1, 3, 5 and 7 free. Yes, I realize there are people that might take advantage of that and just skip the other doors. But, if you really want to have a unique and powerful reading experience I suggest reading all of them in order. I am publishing all 8 novellas at once because each one does create a bit of a cliffy, and I didn’t want to leave you hanging. 

This series is over 800 pages in my usual print format at nearly 200,000 words, so we made the print edition larger, like my BIG GIRLS omnibus, so we could get it all in if you wanted the full collection in print. I’ll be sure to link that below. Shout out to Okay Creations and Champagne Formatting for a beautiful job on the print edition. It’s a piece of art.

I really do hope that you will take this journey with me into THE BLACK ROOM. It’s a story of a woman’s experiences in fantasies that I felt needed to be told. It’s erotic, emotional, and raw. And part one is free everywhere, so just click below and give it a try. You might even want to keep going. Thank you as always for your love and support of our writing.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Love always,

Jasinda (and Jack too!)

Just click on your favorite retailer below for your first taste of THE BLACK ROOM for free!

Amazon UK
B&N (Nook)


Are you ready to be BADD?

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Everybody loves a bad boy, right? Well, have I got something for you! Or rather…someone.

His name is Sebastian Badd, and boy, does he live up to his last name.

BADD MOTHERF*CKER is the first book in an 8-book series called The Badd Brothers. Yes, you read that right, 8 books; there are eight Badd brothers, and each one gets his own book. Yes, you also read that title correctly.

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this book, and I’m excited as heck to dig into the seven sequels. These books are going to be—like this one—fun and funny, light-hearted, and way sexy. Like…whoa. I had to stop and cool off during a few of these scenes, let me tell you, and the banter? Oh, yeah. You’re going to have fun.

Here’s the blurb:

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? That’s what they say, at least. I went into that day hoping I’d get the happiest day of my life. What I got? The worst. I mean, you really can’t get any worse of a day without someone actually dying. 

So…I may have gotten just a little drunk, and maybe just a tad impetuous…

And landed myself in a dive bar somewhere in Alaska, alone, still in my wedding dress, half-wasted and heart-broken.


Eight brothers, one bar.

Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, yeah? 

I kinda think so. 

Wanna hear another joke? A girl walks into a bar, soaking wet and wearing a wedding dress.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. She was hammered, for one thing, and heartbroken for another. I’ve chased enough tail to know better. That kinda thing only leads to clinginess, and a clingy female is the last thing on this earth I need.

I got a bar needs running, and only me to run it—at least until my seven wayward brothers decide to show their asses up… 

Then this chick walks in, fine as hell, wearing a soaked wedding dress that leaves little enough to the imagination—and I’ve got a hell of an imagination. 

I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. Not so much as a finger, not even innocently. 

But I did.

Early reviews are saying:

“This book has everything! I can’t wait to read about more of the Badd brothers and get a glimpse into each of their lives! I give Badd Motherf*cker 5 huge stars! If you want steam then this book is the one for you. It was rolling off my kindle. Go one click your copy!!” ~Carrie (Goodreads)

“The sexiness just EXPLODED off of every page! This romance had one of the BEST heroines I’ve come across in a very long time. Dru was a KICK ASS chick that spoke her mind and wasn’t afraid of anything. I have a feeling that every heroine that Jasinda picks for each of the BADD brothers is going to be strong, fearless, and sassy! GAH!!!! I just want to read this all over again!” ~Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“Mrs. Wilder has done it again. Bring a new pair of panties with you when reading this book. This is a dirty, hot, sexy read.” ~JoAnna G (Goodreads) 

PURCHASE LINKS: just click on your favorite e-book retailer below.

Amazon UK
Amazon paperback

As always, thanks so much for supporting our work. We love what we do and it wouldn’t be as fun or rewarding without you!

We hope you have a really BADD weekend!


Jasinda and Jack too!

Celebrating Indie!

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“When Jack and I first started out, we really only saw one feasible option for getting our work into the hands of potential readers: indie publishing. If we wanted to be able to write the stories we were inspired to tell, and then get them directly into Kindles, we had to do it ourselves. There just wasn’t any other way that made any sense to us. We’re indies because we love the freedom to tell stories our way. We love to intentionally and artfully break the rules of fiction, to twist the tropes in on themselves, to turn clichés on their heads; we’re never content to tell the same story twice. We’re driven to challenge ourselves as storytellers, and indie publishing affords us that opportunity, that unique freedom. Creative control, artistic direction, complete control over every aspect of the production of each book from inception to publication to marketing—all these are true. But the freedom to tell a story no one else could tell but Jasinda Wilder? That’s why I love being an indie.”

Jack and Jasinda Wilder

~Amazon Kindle Direct Published authors since April 2012

~More than 60 published titles

~New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and International bestsellers

~International translations sold in over 20 countries. 


Thank you, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Celebrating Indie with us! 

Alpha steals, deals, and a new release!

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Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 9.37.29 AM

*Make sure to read this newsletter to the entire end for a huge SALE on one of my most loved series!*
First, are you ready for THRESH? Yes, this book is a standalone spinoff of the Alpha series. It’s HOT, suspenseful, and full length (Over 80,000 words! I may have gotten carried away with Thresh.) LOL

Just the name suggests power, dominance, danger…and the man himself? Oh man. I’ve never met anyone like him. Larger than life, exuding raw power. He’s a mountain of rugged, masculine sex appeal. 

But I have walls that no man, no matter how big he is, has ever been able to break through. Thresh doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer, though. He’s determined to get past all my defenses and show me what I’ve been missing. 

The only problem is Thresh has enemies. Powerful, deadly, merciless enemies who have no problem using me to get to him. And Thresh is injured, one arm left useless. 

Can Thresh singlehandedly take on armed and dangerous men out to kill us AND my freight train of emotional baggage?

PURCHASE LINKS: Just click on your favorite e-book retailer below.


Don’t miss my special sale happening this Labor Day weekend and Monday ONLY!

Regular price of the ALPHA series is $17.97! This weekend I’m offering it for only… get this… $2.99!
This is 1,320 pages for under $3! 

Don’t miss out, and tell your friends. This deal may never ever happen again!

The full ALPHA world reading order is: ALPHABETA, and OMEGA, then Harris: Alpha One Security Book 1 and Thresh: Alpha One Security Book 2

PURCHASE LINKS: Just click on your favorite e-book retailer below.


And last but DEFINITELY not least, I want to give you a tiny but delicious scoop on a new series I’ll have coming your way soon!

You may want to just click HERE and find out. It’s 100% sexy, funny, and HOT!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! My family will be trying to soak up the last few moments of summer together.

Happy reading!
Love, Jasinda and Jack too!

Let YOURS be your first summer read

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Yours Amazon

Happy Summer,

I’m so excited to share my new standalone contemporary romance with you! Yours is a second chance romance like you’ve never read before. It’s filled with emotion and passion and will leave you with a swoon-worthy HEA. If you loved FALLING INTO YOU, this one is going to be right up your ally. Don’t miss it! Live everywhere today. It was inspired by the hit song YOURS by Russell Dickerson.
When my husband Oliver died, my life ended. My purpose, my passion, my everything bled out with him on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Ollie was an organ donor. His eyes, his brain, his lungs, his heart…parts of my Ollie went out and saved lives.

Then his heart, beating in another man’s chest, found its way back to me, and I found myself faced with an impossible choice: hold on to the pain and beauty of the past and the memory of the man I loved, or reach for a bold new future, knowing each heartbeat will be a reminder of all I’ve lost.

*   *   *

I wasn’t supposed to live past thirty.

My grandfather died at forty-five. Heart failure.

My father died at thirty-eight. Heart failure.

The doctors told me my whole life that I wouldn’t see my thirty-first birthday. My heart was going to give out. It was just a matter of time: a rare blood type and an unusually large heart meant essentially zero chance of a transplant.

I proved them all wrong…by dying on my thirty-first birthday.

And then I woke up, alive, with another man’s heart inside my chest, and his widow on my conscience.

I spent my whole life preparing for death, and now I have to learn how to live. Only, as I soon discovered, living is the easy part.

Loving, and allowing myself to be loved…well, that’s a whole lot harder.
“Jasinda Wilder delivers a heart-wrenching second chance romance that burrows deep into your heart and lingers long after you’re done. Yours is a story about loss and love, about grieving and healing, about freedom and adventure. The lives of the characters entwine in ways unforeseen, proving it’s never too late to alter the course of one’s life.” Vilma’s Book Blog

You can purchase YOURS at any of your favorite book retailers below:

iBooks HERE
Google Play (coming soon) 

Wishing you a wonderful week with lots of sunshine!

– Jasinda and Jack too!

***P.S. Don’t forget the Alpha Security 1: HARRIS audio also releases today too! YAY!
You can get it HERE! 


Are you ready?

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Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.12.29 AM

Hey friends,

I can’t believe summer is already here in Northern Michigan; the kids are out of school and the farm is bustling with excitement, and we have a bunch of exciting things happening, so I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know what’s coming.

First, BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING is in full swing: the 8 week challengers are already starting week 4 already! I’m so excited about all of the awesome things happening in our challenge group and all the excitement for the way we are feeling. It really is a revolution! Congratulations to all of my #wilderway buddies who are wogging towards a health victory. The BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNINGcompanion journal just went live last night! This journal is HUGE, with lots of room to record your journey and document your health changes. It has new recipes, charts, tips, and inspiration. You can find it HERE on Amazon! It also makes a great gift for a friend or family member who might want to start the health challenge with you.

Second, I’ve got two new audiobooks coming your way! Both TRASHED and AS1: HARRIS (the spin-off the ALPHA series) will be going live this week and next, respectively! My Audie award-winning narrators do an amazing job bringing these stories to life. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

You can preorder at Audible here:


Last but not least, I’m releasing YOURS on June 20th, a standalone contemporary romance. My editors all said is the best book I’ve ever published. It’s going to make you cry and swoon. Get ready to read a second chance romance like you’ve never read before. This story is inspired in part by the beautiful song YOURS by Russell Dickerson. If you’ve never heard the song, make sure to check it out. The lyrics are tied into the story and really set the tone of the book. You can pre-order and check out a sample of YOURSat iBooks, HERE or grab it at your other favorite retailers on June 20th. You won’t want to miss this one. It should be your first read of the summer.

Here’s the blurb:

When my husband Oliver died, my life ended. My purpose, my passion, my everything bled out with him on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Ollie was an organ donor. His eyes, his brain, his lungs, his heart…parts of my Ollie went out and saved lives.

Then his heart, beating in another man’s chest, found its way back to me, and I found myself faced with an impossible choice: hold on to the pain and beauty of the past and the memory of the man I loved, or reach for a bold new future, knowing each heartbeat will be a reminder of all I’ve lost.
*   *   *
I wasn’t supposed to live past thirty.

My grandfather died at forty-five. Heart failure.

My father died at thirty-eight. Heart failure.

The doctors told me my whole life that I wouldn’t see my thirty-first birthday. My heart was going to give out. It was just a matter of time: a rare blood type and an unusually large heart meant essentially zero chance of a transplant.

I proved them all wrong…by dying on my thirty-first birthday.

And then I woke up, alive, with another man’s heart inside my chest, and his widow on my conscience.

I spent my whole life preparing for death, and now I have to learn how to live. Only, as I soon discovered, living is the easy part.

Loving, and allowing myself to be loved…well, that’s a whole lot harder.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoy these releases and the warmer weather.
Let’s have a great summer!

xoxo– Jasinda and Jack too!

Who’s ready to run wild(er) with me?

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Today is the big day! Today my personal story and my health and wellness plan releases into the world. Yes, this book has been a very long time coming and I just can’t wait to share it with you. I really want you on this journey with me! I’m asking for 8 weeks to see if we can make some improvements in your health. Only 8 weeks of your life. All you need to do is order a copy of the book, read it, and join my Facebook group for my 8 week challenge right HERE. I’ll be closing the group next week through the whole 8 weeks of the challenge, so if you want to do it with us then now is the time to join! I’ll have coaching videos and great prizes each week. Don’t miss it!


As I said in my previous email, I plan to only offer the $5.99 ebook price for one week, so if you want it now is the time to get it. I want to make sure my readers get it at the best price.


I also want to update you on an issue we’ve had with the Amazon hardback shipping delays. Don’t fret! I’ve been told those shipping dates are constantly improving, and you will be getting books in hand much sooner then the delay emails are saying. Keep the faith and know that I’m doing everything I can to make sure you have your copy!


Don’t worry DC event readers, I’ve got 200 copies with your names on them for next week. I made sure to have lots of copies on hand for the event. See you then!


Thanks so much for the messages, love, and support for this book. It means more to me than I could ever truly express.


Let’s start a revolution!


Purchase links: (just click on the link for your favorite book store)

Barnes and Noble HARDCOVER
Amazon ebook
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Nook ebook
Google Play

Are you ready for a great sale AND a health revolution?

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Hey friends,

I’ve got lots of great things for you in this email. First, TRASHED is on sale for 99 cents for a very limited time at iBooks and Amazon. If you have’t read that one, now is the time to do it! TRASHED can be read as a contemporary standalone, and features a BBW and a hot movie star. It was one of my favorites to write and is set at the romantic Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, one of my favorite vacation spots. Make sure to pick that up this weekend if you haven’t yet read it. It’s a fun, easy weekend read.

I also wanted to let you know that over 3,000 people have already joined my Facebook group for the BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING challenge! 3,000! There’s still time to join! I have special coaching videos, prizes, and lots of other fun things planned. Just click HERE to join. We will all start my 8-week health challenge together about a week after the book release. You can do this at whatever stage you are in and if you can walk, you can do this with me! I think we might be gearing up for an actual health revolution! We can do this together!

I’m so excited to share my story, to encourage, and to help others find better health. The release day is Tuesday, May 10th! The beautiful hardcover is currently up for pre-sale at both Amazon and B&N. Your local B&N should also be able to order it for you if you want to pick it up in store. The ebook is up only at iBooks until May 10th; on May 10th it will then be available everywhere my ebooks are sold: Amazon, Google, Nook, and Kobo for $5.99. The price will go up after release week, so make sure to grab it early. I want all of my dedicated readers to get the best price.

I’m also giving away a few ARCs of the BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING over at Goodreads! Be sure to check that out and enter if you are eligible HERE.

I’ve loved seeing all the support from my peers in this new endeavor! The support has just been amazing and I’m both humbled and encouraged. Here’s what a few of my favorite author friends are saying about BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING:

“Told with brutal honesty, humor, and a heaping dose of love, this book has easily become a favorite. Lost your mojo, ladies? Let’s get that shit back! Jasinda, you’re leading a revolution and I couldn’t be more in.”  Kendall Ryan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Two words: Life changing. If you’re looking to make a change but not sure how to take the first step…this book is for you.” Rebecca Shea, USA Today bestselling author

“I challenge you to read this book and not feel inspired. It can’t be done.”  Courtney Cole, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“I’ve read many weight loss and diet books, but this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Jasinda keeps it real with from the trenches stories and tips that made me laugh and cry. She’s been there. This book is like getting advice from your best girlfriend; it’s straight, realistic and delivered with heart. Her passion to help women get strong, healthy and confident is real and incredibly inspiring. If you don’t believe you can do it, you will after reading this book.”  Bestselling author Brenda Rothert

“From the painful to the fearless, she provides us with the inspiration and framework to tackle our own insecurities, kicking ass every step of the way.” Brittany Gibbons, Acclaimed author of Fat Girl Walking, blogger at, curator of The Curvy Girl Guide, plus-size model, and nationally recognized body image advocate 

iBooks ebook

I hope you all have a great weekend!
I’m so excited it’s going to be 70 and sunny this weekend in northern Michigan! I hope you get a chance to enjoy some good weather where you are too.

Thanks as always for the support.

I’ve got some really BIG news!

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BGDiR Amazon

Hey friends,

Today is a really big day for me. Today is the day I’m releasing the cover for my non-fiction book, BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNINGI’m going to be honest and say that this whole process has been very scary for me, because I am putting myself out there with this book because I feel like if you really know my story, you might find the courage and strength to improve your health too. This book has taken me the longest of any book to write.

BIG GIRLS DO IT RUNNING contains everything you need to succeed in achieving your goals and become a fit and fabulous health warrior: tear-out shopping lists, easy menu plans, delicious recipes, and simple, effective workouts. This took me a long time to prepare, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect.
I even did an extensive BETA TEST group with my 8 week plan. Guess what? We had amazing results that I can’t wait to share with you! Below are a few important FAQ’s about the release of this book. I want to thank you in advance for joining me in this endeavor; I can’t wait to see what happens with this project!

Can I just walk and do this? YES!

Is the ebook preorder only at iBooks? YES! All other ebook stores will go live on May 10th.
You can preorder from iBooks HERE. The ebook also contains special links to all full color recipe photos and print-outs of the print book graphics.

Is there a print version? YES! There is a beautiful hardcover version which will be up for preorder shortly. Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations did some amazing journal pages and graphics that make this book a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love. Give a copy to a friend and start your health journey together!

Will there be a group for the 8 week challenge? YES! We will be starting a large Facebook group launching the week of the book release. Feel free to join us on Facebook for encouragement, prizes, special videos, and coaching from me! You can join HERE. We will be opening the doors soon!

Is your program idiot-proof, because I’ve tried everything! YES! If I can do this, you can. I’ve failed at every single diet and exercise program there’s ever been. This is easy and won’t take away your favorite foods. You can even have chocolate, wine, cake, and ice cream! This is a program of modification, not deprivation.

If you are coming to see me in DC in May, I’ll have copies to sign for you. Also, if you haven’t signed up already, please consider doing the 5k run/walk with us on Friday night. I’ll have lots of special giveaways for you that you would hate to miss out on.

Here are a few testimonials from my BETA group participants that I thought had to be shared. Maybe something they said will strike a chord and help you make the decision to join this health revolution with me.

This woman and her program have saved my life. A few weeks before being selected for this wonderful journey I was told I was going blind because of my diabetes. My blood sugars have always run in the 300s, even with up to six injections of insulin a day. I had given up in life. This program has gotten me off insulin in four weeks. For the first time in 15 years my blood sugar is normal. Jasinda has helped me be able to see for many years to come. — Sara W, 28 

The Wilder Way has been life changing for me! It’s amazing to think that eight weeks can change your life, but it completely has! Jasinda has given me the tools I need to be healthy and strong for a lifetime. Now, I can teach my children how to be healthy and strong before they become adults….I was wearing a size 24 when we started this journey, and after eight weeks I have lost 18 pounds and I am now comfortably wearing a size 18! I have lost over five inches on my waist and my skin even looks healthier!  And I know this is not a temporary loss like I’ve had with other diets and programs, because this is NOT a diet, this is a whole new outlook on food and getting healthy. I’m getting the physical movement that my body needs, something it has not had for so long. Thank you Jasinda for changing my life and my family’s lives for the better. And I’m proud to be a part of the start of a REVOLUTION! — Tracie W, 46

I have accomplished some amazing things in just eight weeks: I’ve lost pounds and inches, I’ve gone from a sedentary lifestyle to participating in a 5K, I’ve kicked my pop habit (I never in my life thought I would be able to go five weeks without a soda and not miss it!). I’ve been able to stop taking one of my daily medications and, most importantly, I feel better physically and mentally than I have in YEARS…Not only has Jasinda changed my life, but she has given it back to me. Don’t think eight weeks can change your life? Think again! — Kerry G, 44

Madame X is eXposed! Which team are you on?

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Today is the big day! Book 2 of my new Madame X trilogy is here. If you haven’t already heard about this here are what people are saying about Madame X:

“One of the most unique books I’ve read in a while…The next book cannot come soon enough…This is one of those stories that will leave you thinking about it for days afterward.”—Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“Madame X is about so many things: dominance, submission, captivity, choices, eroticism, and intimacy. It is the start of a series that is like a coming of age erotica, pulling themes from fairy tales and cautionary tales as well…Wilder balances the eroticism and action beautifully, the imagery created from X’s mind is sometimes surprising but always gorgeous…The best thing is that there is more to come from Jasinda Wilder in this series and I can’t wait to read it.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers

“Unlike anything else I’ve ever read…Compelling and dark…[X’s] story isn’t one you’ll soon forget.”—BookPage 

You can read two exclusive teasers of the new book, exposed, HERE and HERE! 

You can also hear me talk about it in a fun interview HERE! 

You can grab it today at any of your favorite book retailers, linked below:


Happy reading!
xoxo – Jas and Jack too!

Alpha One Security: Harris comes just in time!

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Hi Wild(er) readers!

Have you been missing Harris and Roth? Well, they’ve been missing you too!

Just in time for a frigid winter weekend here in northern Michigan, I’m dropping a seriously hot novella featuring hot Harris in your laps. I’m telling you, this book is one of my hottest ones–it’s got just enough romance to make you sigh and just enough heat to make you swoon. I even managed to fit in some special time with Valentine for Valentine’s too, you won’t want to miss what he and Kyrie have been up to since we saw them last.

There’s also a special sneak peek at Madame X that you won’t want to miss.

All for a special Valentine’s Day readership appreciation price of $2.99!

The blurb:
Nicholas Harris is a professional badass. Ex-Army Ranger, former personal security for the one and only Valentine Roth, mercenary, assassin, pilot, and my lover. After Roth and Kyrie holed up in their island fortress estate in the Caribbean, Nick started a private security contracting company: Alpha One Security. He hired the best of the best, the scariest, nastiest, toughest—and sexiest—security experts in the business. 

And now he has the mission of a lifetime: the three year old daughter of two A-list celebrities has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. The twist? The mercenary and Russian mafioso who snatched the sweet, innocent little girl is a vicious, evil, sadistic thug with a grudge against Nick.

And the fallout from this mission will be jet fuel on the flames of that grudge, pulling everyone around Nick into the vortex of violence and vengeance. Good thing we have the seven deadliest and most badass men on the planet on our team…

And oh yeah, there’s little ol’ me:

Layla Campari, mercenary-in-training.
It’s available now at all of your favorite retailers! Just click on your favorite store below and get your one-click on!


Happy reading!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Keep an eye out in my WILD WITH WILDER Facebook group for more info on my memoir/ health-and-fitness plan coming very soon. I can’t wait for you to read my story. You will want to be in on this, because there’s lots of fun and excitement coming. #biggirlsdoitrunning

Have you fallen for Colton?

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 Jasinda FB Falling Series Now

Today I’ve released something special for all of my loyal FALLING SERIES fans. This is a prequel to my New York Times Bestselling, FALLING INTO YOU.

Learn more about your favorite bad boy turned rockstar, turned swoon worthy dad in FALLING FOR COLTON:


I wasn’t always in love with Nell Hawthorne; I was in love with a girl named India before I ever met Nell. India? She was my first love, the girl who made me want to be better than my past, better than the blood and violence.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, that’s what they say, right? It should have been me, that day. But it wasn’t. It was her. And that changed me. Sent me down an even darker path than I’d been on before.

Until I met her. Nell Hawthorne. The girl who changed everything.

You know that story. But what you don’t know is everything that led up to that rainy day under a tree, at a funeral.


Here’s what early reviewers are saying about FALLING FOR COLTON:

Jasinda Wilder at her very best! Incredibly addicting and fiercely explosive. There’s never a dull moment, not a single one–captivating the reader at every turn. Absolute perfection from cover to cover! You think you know, BUT. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA!” – Brandi’s Book Blog

“It was a beautiful book, packed with that chemistry Jasinda writes so well and the kind of emotional writing that really wrecks you and brings you to your knees. Fans of the Falling series–get ready to fall in love with Colt all over again.” – All Romance Reviews

“Jasinda Wilder proves over and over again that when it comes to delivering a story that will keep you riveted, she has what it takes and then some.” – Fan Girl Book Blog

“With honesty, grit, and pure emotion, Jasinda Wilder brings us into the life of Colt once again. The author’s ability to weave a story with the reality of violence, some humor, romance, and heartbreak, allows the reader fall in love with her characters as flawed as they are. Make no mistake, this origin story is one that fans of The Falling Series will devour.” – Art, Books & Coffee

“Jasinda SHINES in this novel. Her writing is as perfect as always and you can’t help but get lost in this. Grab your wine and tissues. You will need them.” – NovelGrounds


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**The print version should be up shortly, and as always you can request signed copies from my website. I will also have these available at Austin Book Fest on March 5th.

Thank you so much for loving my books! I really hope you enjoy this one.
–J and Jack too!

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