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Omega Amazon

The end is near.

Today is the big day! We’ve finally reached the end of the ALPHA trilogy with the release of OMEGA. I can’t wait for you to read this one. It’s got laughs, love, and steam. It is sure to please even the most picky WILD(er) reader. You don’t want to miss it. Here are a few things early reviewers are saying about OMEGA:

“The final book in the Alpha series is a sizzlingly sexy, action-packed read sprinkled with Wilder’s signature wit. A truly fitting end to this rollercoaster ride of a story that has spread out into three heart-stopping books.” – Art, Books, and Coffee

“Jasinda seriously ups the ante for the final installment in the Alpha series and brings it to an epic conclusion by mixing her own brand of scorchingly hot romance with heart-stopping action and razor sharp wit. Prepare to be held completely spellbound…” – Agents of Romance

“Action packed and hot enough to melt my Kindle.” – The Book Avenue

Purchase links: (just click on your ebook retailer of choice): 

Amazon UK
Amazon paperback
Google Play
B&N/Nook- coming soon! (technical issue with the B&N website) 

Don’t forget that ALPHA is also free at Amazon, Google, and iBooks this week. If you have a friend that hasn’t read it yet, now is the time to share and make sure she doesn’t miss out on this trilogy. 

Please also make sure to check out my website for some exciting news about MADAME X. Berkley and I have lots of special offers, events and giveaways coming your way. You can preorder the paperback version NOW at your local B&N or get a special personalized paperback with a free gift. These offers are limited so make sure you check them out soon before we run out. I’ve also added a few events that I would love to see you at. More of those will be posted soon. Chicago and New York readers look for me this fall.

Thanks all for reading and reviewing! I hope you enjoy OMEGA.
Happy reading!

xoxo Jasinda and Jack too!

MADAME X Virtual Signing!

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Jacinda Wilder Virtual Signing Graphic

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be doing a Virtual Signing for the release of MADAME X this October with Schuler Books.

Please place your order by Friday, September 4th!

Signed, personalized copies are available to both U.S. and international readers. Readers outside of North America will need to email the bookstore directly at for information about international payments and shipping rates.

All orders will ship the week of October 5, 2015. U.S. readers will have the option to choose expedited shipping. Each reader may purchase up to two signed books.

All you have to do is buy a book through the Schuler Books website using this link:
Preorder a personalized copy of MADAME X. (

Also, for each book purchased, the reader will receive a Jasinda Wilder wine-flavored lip balm! One lip balm will be shipped with each book.

Please see below for more details before placing your order.

Virtual Signing FAQ

What is a Virtual Signing?

A virtual signing is a way to get a personalized signed copy of a book when you are unable to attend an in-store book signing. You will order the book through the Schuler Books website, indicate who you would like the book signed to, and the store will get it signed and shipped out to you shortly after the book’s release date.

Will I get my copy of MADAME X the same day it is released?

All orders will ship out the week of October 5th. If you live in the U.S. you will have the option to choose an expedited shipping method.

Will Jasinda write a personalized message besides just my name (or a name I designate)?

Jasinda will write your name or whoever you want the book inscribed to and her signature. You may also request a special message, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas”, etc.

After you place your book order, there is a comments box on the payment page. Please indicate in that comments box how you would like your book inscribed. This is where you will put the name you would like Jasinda to sign the book to. Example: “Please sign to Martha” or just “Martha”. You may also request, “Please sign ‘Happy Birthday, Sarah!’” If you do not want your book personalized, please indicate that you would like an autograph only. If you make no indication either way, Jasinda will sign your book but there will be no personalization.

** Please note that personalization is at Jasinda’s discretion. Please do not make inappropriate or offensive requests. **

May I order more than one book and have each signed to a different person?


I ordered two books. Does that mean I get two lip balms?


I forgot to write anything in the comments box…what happens now?

Please contact Schuler Books at 616-942-2561 or and they will be able to add it to your order. If you don’t contact Schuler Books then your book will be signed by Jasinda, but it will have no name inscribed.

Do you have an order or purchasing question that isn’t answered here?

Please contact Schuler Books at 616-942-2561 or



Looking for a good summer read?

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CitS Amazon

I’ve got CAUGHT IN THE SURF and OMEGA for you!

Hi readers,

Seems like it’s been SO long since I’ve sent out a newsletter. It’s been a busy few weeks. My daughter Ree was born on June 30th at 6:18, weighing 7lbs 10oz and 20 inches tall! She’s beautiful and healthy and we all couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for the congratulations and sweet messages on social media; I read them all and they put a huge smile on my face. My readers are the best!

I have a tiny surprise that is now LIVE everywhere. It’s a hot, fun summer read. The blurb, warning, and links are below. I hope you love Lani and Casey as much as I do!

Lani woke up one morning hungover, heartbroken, and stranded in a tropical paradise. She missed her plane and ran out of luck… and then she met Casey. Who happened to be a pilot with an airplane…not to mention tall, handsome, and exactly what she needs. Even though the last thing she planned on was getting naked in the sand…

Warning: this is one seriously hot little novella previously published in the SUMMER ON SEEKER’S ISLAND anthology. It contains super-steamy insta-love between a giant sexy island hero and a short and curvy Hawaiian surfer chick. This story contains scorching, sandy sexy times guaranteed to heat you up, even if you read it on the beach.

Click here to purchase at your favorite ebook retailer:

*coming soon to Google Play*

Please don’t forget about pre-ordering Omega! Here’s a link to all of the pre-order links and a short teaser.

This one will make you laugh out loud, cry and steal your breath. It’s an epic conclusion to one of my most talked about series! Don’t miss it.

**Keep an eye out for a steal of a deal promotion I will have going for ALPHA in preparation for the release of OMEGA. You will want to make sure to tell your friends to grab it, if they haven’t already.

I hope you all have a HOT weekend. Stay cool!
Jasinda & Jack too!

A sexy little teaser from OMEGA, Releasing August 4th!

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“You’re mine, goddamnit,” I hissed. “I’m going to tie you up and I’m going to tease you until you beg me. And then—”
“What?” he demanded, pulling out of me, grabbing me by the hips and twisting me, shoving me with delicious roughness to the bed, pushing me to lean forward, spreading my thighs apart and driving into my pussy from behind. “What are you going to do to me then, Kyrie my love?”
“When you’re desperate to come, I’m going to ride you like a fucking wild stallion until you fill my tight wet pussy with your come. And I’m going to leave you tied up, get you hard again, and I’m going to ride you and ride you and ride you. I’m gonna fuck you raw, Valentine. I won’t let you touch me even once. Because I’m going to prove to you all over again that you belong to me as much as I belong to you.”
“You’ve proved it, my love.” He was moving slowly, now. Making love to me with aching, tender, gentility. I loved the juxtaposition. Usually from behind he was crazed and primal, and slow and gentle face to face. But this time he was caressing my spine, my shoulders, brushing my long blond hair out of the way, cupping my ass cheeks and gripping my hips, his cock gliding in and out of me with a slow, deliberate slide.
Oh fuck, I was close.
He was, too. I stretched out, pushed back into his thrusts. Felt him take my hips at the creases, pulled me into him, my ass crushing against him, providing a thick, bouncy cushion. God, yes. Yes. I knew I was being loud, and I buried my face in the mattress and let myself scream into the comforter as he made sweet slow love to me until I came.
And god, did I come.
But he held out. He waited until I was gasping and trembling to pull out.
I twisted in place and lay back on the bed, wrapped my legs around him, reached between us and guided him back in. I knew his needs, his rhythms; he needed to look at me when he came, knew that’s what I needed too.
I was hanging nearly off the bed, just my upper spine and shoulders still supported by the mattress, the rest of my weight held up by my Valentine. He drove into me now in slow hard thrusts, his eyes on mine. I felt him thicken with each thrust as he drew closer and closer to the edge, and when I knew he was right there, I reached up, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down to me, crushed my lips to his and kissed him with all that I had.
He lost it, then. He groaned into the kiss, broke it to rest his forehead between my breasts and thrust into me wildly, all control abandoned.
“I love you,” I whispered as he pushed into me again and again. I made it a chant, clutching his head and writhing against him. “IloveyouIloveyouILOVEyou—”
And then he was emptying himself into me with a shout against my skin, sweat slicking his hard flesh, his hot wet seed gushing into me in wave after wave, thrust after thrust. When he was finally spent, he lay on me for a long moment, gasping. I loved the weight of him against me. I caressed his scalp, his neck, his shoulders, his arms, feathered my fingers through his hair and listened to him breathing.
“I’m sober, now,” I said, when he lifted up to gaze down at me.
“How do you always know exactly what I need to hear the most, Kyrie?” He whispered, thumbing a stray lock of hair away from my face.
“Because we’re one person split into two bodies, Valentine. I know what you need to hear because it’s what I need to make you understand, what I need to say to you.”
“I love you more than I know how to express, Kyrie.”
“You should marry me,” I said with a grin. “That will express it pretty damn well.”
“Then you’d better get some sleep,” he said, his expression going serious. “Because that’s happening tomorrow.”
He nodded. Leaned down, kissed me. “Tomorrow.”

To Preorder Omega, just click on your favorite store below: 






*will release at B&N on August 4th*

*coming soon to Audible*

Free Book Friday!

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Hi Readers,

I just wanted to send out a big thank you for all the love and support as I’m coming so close to the birth of our 6th child! I just can’t believe it, can you? Please check out my recent blog post for an update on the baby and future publication dates.

The pre-order for my Berkley Books release, Madame X, is already up everywhere! I will have a preorder up for Omega next week. Keep an eye out!

I am featuring four books free this weekend for you and your friends. Enjoy!

These are now free at iBooks, Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobo, and Google Play! (just click to be directed to your favorite ebook retailer)

Happy reading!

Jasinda (and Jack too)

Baby, baby, baby…

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I got a Facebook message this weekend basically asking how we would be managing the business with our new baby coming. I actually had to think about how to answer this, and to be completely honest, we really don’t know yet. The birth of our last son was extremely difficult for both of us. We came very close to losing him, and both the birth and his illness were some of the lowest points of my life, emotionally. I am fairly certain I suffered pretty badly from post traumatic stress, actually, and because of all this, I do have a lot of anxiety and stress about how things will go this time. I do know I will need to take at least a few weeks off no matter what happens with the birth. After a lot of discussion, my husband and I have decided that it will be best for us to step back from social media during that time so that we can focus on the baby, resting and healing, and transitioning to a family of eight. We know you will understand and support us in this decision, because our readers are the best! We’ve also decided that releasing Omega in early August is the soonest we can possibly manage. I’ve been slowed down by the carpal tunnel a bit and we both want to make sure that this book is worth the wait for our readers. We promise that it will be amazing, so keep an eye out for a preorder, which should be popping up soon.

We’ve also decided that we need to really cut back on our travel for 2016. The three years after our last son was born have been absolutely a blur to us. A messy, crazy, but awesome blur. We have had so much fun traveling and meeting readers, peers, and making new friends. It’s so easy to get excited about going to new places and meeting all these awesome people, and we can’t wait to do more of that and see all of you again, but for the year following this birth we will need to stay home as much as possible. We are realizing that we just won’t ever get this time back. We don’t want to miss this time together with our kids. We do have a few things that we have already committed to, and we will make sure we are at those events at the very least, so be checking your emails for announcements regarding when those will be.

Again, I really hope that you will understand and we want you to know how much we appreciate you all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Big Girls are back!

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The Big Girls are back!

Get ready for an all new Big Girls adventure, starring that sexy British hunk, Ian Stirling.

Here’s what early reviewers are saying about BIG LOVE ABROAD:

“Kudos to you Mrs. Wilder for delivering yet another breathlessly appealing, sexually charged romance where women with curves are adoringly appreciated.”- Brandi M, Goodreads review

“Jasinda Wilder gives us yet another erotic and sexy read, perfectly written with expertly placed humor, layered emotions, and enough drama to keep you hooked from the beginning. I loved this book from start to finish, I highly recommend picking up Big Love Abroad, truthfully you can never go wrong with a Jasinda Wilder novel, she never fails to deliver the goods.” – Angie, Fan Girl Book Blog
GET IT TODAY and find out what all the BIG GIRLS rave is about.

On a personal note, I know that THE BIG GIRLS series is how so many you came to know me and my writing. Regardless if you are a “big girl” or not, these stories are about every woman, about being sexually insecure and coming into your own. Being strong, being confident in who you are and how you’re shaped. Please consider ways you could help to get the word out about this release. I would love to hear all of your ideas. I’m so excited to get the next chapter of this series out to you. I can’t wait for you to read it! Let’s get all the BIG GIRLS noticed!

The full Big Girls/Rock Stars Do It series reading order:

Book 1: Big Girls Do It Better 
Book 2: Big Girls Do It Wetter 
Book 3: Big Girls Do It Wilder 
Book 4: Big Girls Do It On Top 
Book 5: Big Girls Do It Married
Book 6: Big Girls Do It On Christmas
Book 7: Rock Stars Do It Harder
Book 8: Rock Stars Do It Dirty
Book 9 Rock Stars Do It Forever
Book 10: Big Girls Do It Pregnant 
Book 11: Big Love Abroad (can be read as a standalone)

BIG LOVE ABROAD LINKS: (just click the link below of your favorite retailer) 

AMAZON (paperback) 
Google Play – LIVE on Friday!

I really hope you enjoy BIG LOVE ABROAD! Thank you so much for the constant support, love, and encouragement.
It means the world to me.

Happy reading!
Jasinda (and Jack too) 

Madame X has a cover and blurb!

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Madame X invites you to test the limits of control in this provocative new novel from New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder.

My name is Madame X.

I’m the best at what I do.

And you’d do well to follow my rules…

Hired to transform the uncultured, inept sons of the wealthy and powerful into decisive, confident men, Madame X is a master of the art of control. With a single glance she can cut you down to nothing, or make you feel like a king.

But there is only one man who can claim her body—and her soul.

Undone time and again by his exquisite dominance, X craves and fears his desire in equal measure. And while she longs for a different path, X has never known anything or anyone else—until now…


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We have big news! A brand-new Jasinda Wilder trilogy will be coming to bookstores. That’s right, we’ve signed an amazing deal with Berkley for an exciting, all-new trilogy of books that we are super stoked to write. They’re going to be like nothing you’ve ever read before, and coming from me, you know that’s saying something. Please like and share to spread the excitement!

Teaser Thursday- Big Love Abroad

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“I’m scared.” It wasn’t even a whisper, really, more a fragile breath, a delicate exhalation. “Of being loved. Of loving. Of not being good enough. I’m scared that you might be attracted to me now, but in a few years, you won’t be. That I’ll gain thirty pounds and you’ll leave. If we…we went with this, got together and made it work, I know you’d love me. We’d get married. I’d get pregnant, and I’d gain fifty pounds, and some of it would never come off. And then I’d have another kid, and there’d be a few more pounds that just wouldn’t come off. And then one day…one day I’m not the same woman you married, and—and—”

He shut me up with a kiss. A gentle one. The gentlest. A butterfly’s wings fluttering the air, the touch of a summer breeze, the sunlight on closed eyelids.

“This is still about your weight?” He didn’t tip my face up, this time. He spoke to the top of my head. “Nina, sweetheart. Love sees beyond the numbers on a scale. It sees beyond the circumference of your waist, or your hips, or your chest. It sees beyond an extra five or however many pounds you may or may not gain. Sweetheart, love, real love—it’s a decision. Not just an emotion, or attraction. It’s not hoping it’ll work out somehow. I’ve been through that. I’ve loved someone and had it fall apart because we weren’t both totally invested. I won’t do it again. And you know what, if you can’t trust me to love you whether you weigh a hundred and fifty pound or two hundred and fifty, then this won’t work.”

“I’m just supposed to trust you won’t care what I look like in twenty years?”

“Exactly. It’s a risk, Nina. You won’t ever know with one hundred percent certainty. That’s why love is scary. I’ve risked, and I’ve had my heart broken. More than once, actually.  But here’s the thing, when you left, when I woke up alone and all your shit was gone, it was worse than when I realized Jamie had never really truly loved me, that she’d been in love with Chase Delany the whole time.”

“Wait, Chase Delany from Six Foot Tall?”

“Yeah, that Chase Delany.” He sounded irritated to have to acknowledge it. “She was in love with him the whole time, and was just using me to hide from it, because she was scared. And when she broke up with me, I tried to play it cool, but it fucking hurt. I was an asshole about it, I guess, but I’d just had my heart shit on. And like I said, when I realized you’d bolted, that hurt worse than what happened with Jamie. It took this long just for me to decide if I had the balls to let you explain. To decide if I could risk my heart yet again.”

“And you did.” This, through slowing tears.

“And now you’re telling me you’re holding out on me because you’re worried you may put on a bit of weight in a few years? If that’s what’s bothering you, then why don’t we go eat a bunch of cheeseburgers and we can get fat together? I don’t care, Nina. More than that, I love you exactly how you are. You’re beautiful to me, as you are. And assuming you have the fucking stones to try this with me, I’ll still love you in five or ten or fifty years, regardless of how you look. Because you’ll be beautiful to me then, too.”

“Jesus, Ian.” I could barely get the words out, because I’d lost it all over again.

“Nope, no Jesus here. Just me.”

“Shut up,” I laughed. “What about—”

“Logistics are easy, Nina. Quit making excuses.” He drew a breath, let it out. Cupped my cheeks in both of his hands. “Tell me you love me, or tell me to leave.”

Djinn and Tonic

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“This book will blow you away.”

Djinn and Tonic is LIVE!

Hi readers!

I am so excited to announce that book 2 in the Houri Legends Series, DJINN AND TONIC, is now LIVE everywhere! This book has something for everyone: it’s sexy, suspenseful, contemporary, and fresh. I promise, even if you aren’t into paranormal you will enjoy this one. It can be read as a standalone. Here are what some of the reviewers are saying about DJINN AND TONIC:

“It’s a contemporary romance that has these extra paranormal elements. The sex is as hot as we have come to expect from Jasinda and the characters are sexy and real which is why I like them. The story kept me hooked and I raced through the last half of the book to see what happened.” – ALL ROMANCE REVIEWS
“This is a series not to be missed!” – Goodreads Review

“The sex is freaking, outrageously hot but I didn’t expect anything less with a Jasinda Wilder novel.”– THE BOOK TROLLOP

“If you enjoy supernatural reads, don’t pass this by. This series is stamped with the welcome Wilder intelligence, passionate sexual tension and chemistry, extraordinary detail, and an intriguing story arc certain to keep you invested, beguiled and like me, eager for more.” – MUSING MADDIE

Click here to see the YOUTUBE SERIES TRAILER! It’s HOT!

Just click on the links below to purchase DJINN AND TONIC from your favorite ebook store.

AMAZON paperback version

I’m wishing you all a warm weekend. I’m so excited that we are headed towards spring in northern Michigan. It was another tough, cold winter for us up here and we are all so excited to finally feel the warmth of spring.
Keep an eye out for BIG LOVE ABROAD and OMEGA release info, which will be coming to you soon.

Thanks so much for reading!

Sale Books and New Releases!

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Only a few more days to get these sale books.

Hey readers,

I just wanted to send out a quick email and let you know about some cool things going on now and coming soon.

For just a few more days FALLING INTO YOU will be 99 pennies in celebration of my two year anniversary of publishing it! If you read it long ago, how about gifting it to a friend? The paperback, hardcover, and audio are all also on sale for a limited time. It’s a great time to add to your collection if you want one of those versions too! The sale is available at all platforms. Links are below, just click on your store of choice.

AMAZONAMAZON UKB&NiBooksGoogle, and Kobo!

JACK AND DJINN, the first book in the Houri Legends is also 50% off right now in anticipation of the second book releasing next week. These books can both be enjoyed as a standalone story. Miriam and Leila are some of my very first and most favorite heroines. It’s one of my highest rated books too! Even if you don’t usually read paranormal, please consider picking these up, I promise you will enjoy it. There is lots of hot romance, suspense and this series is set in my hometown, Detroit.

Here is what readers are saying about JACK AND DJINN:

“Jasinda created a new, exotic world with multi-dimensional characters that is unique in romance fiction.”

“I tell you this with every single fiber in my body, read Jack and Djinn. Do you like mythology? Read Jack and Djinn. Do you like symbolism and strong plots? Read Jack and Djinn. You don’t read paranormal books? You don’t like characters with powers? Throw out all your preconceived notions and read this book!”

“Another winner from the amazingly talented Jasinda Wilder. I never once doubted the author’s ability to deliver a compelling story, one stretching the boundaries in regards to her norm, but this is pure genius – creativity at it’s best.” 

“Jack and Djinn is a step outside the norm for a Jasinda Wilder book, but that just makes it so much more impressive! Wilder takes a gander at the paranormal romance genre, and produces an original and exciting read.” 


AMAZONAMAZON UKB&NiBooksGoogle,and Kobo!

A few last bits of exciting info: I am almost done working on BIG LOVE ABROAD! YAY! I know so many of you have been so patiently waiting for that one. I had to rewrite this one twice, and let me tell you, it will be worth the wait. Ian, the sexy Brit, will be exactly what the doctor ordered. Keep an eye out for that one this spring.

OMEGA will also be coming soon! I hope to have that one published for you late spring/ early summer depending on my health and pregnancy.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I hope to see some of you in Austin, TX next week. I’m so excited to see you and the sun and warmth!

Have a great week.


Jasinda (and Jack too) 🙂


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