1. Jody strauss says:

    I just got done reading Falling Into You. It was amazing! I was wondering if you have any plans to continue Colton and Nelly’s story? I really hope so!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Hi. I’m new here… and i just wanted to tell you that you rock my world!
    I first read falling into you-and honestly, i cried like around 15 minutes when well you know when.
    And it took me around 30 minutes more to accept it and move on .you’re awesome! None of the books i read
    made me feel the story so bad. you’re really good! i finished reading the big girls series and the rock star
    series and I’m so happy you’re not yet done with them. I’m in love with your characters
    you’re really good. I’m happy that nel and colton’s story has a sequel 🙂
    please keep up the good work 🙂 and really, i know a lot me people probably tell you this-
    but i want to tell you personally 🙂 “THANK YOU FORYOUR WONDERFUL TALENT”

  3. Lisa says:

    I thought about writing earlier today just to tell you I absolutely LOVE your books but I has to after seeing your story of the CBS evening news. I’m thrilled that your passion for writing has blessed you and your family with sustainable income that was a struggle before. Now you get to live blessed and we are blessed by your stories. I ABSOLUTELY can’t wait for the release of Falling into us. Falling into you was a wonderful story that I’m so glad you decided to continue. You have a beautiful family…..
    NOW One of your biggest fans.

  4. Susan says:


  5. Lu Bielefeld says:

    I love your books.
    Thank you for creating wonderful stories!

  6. natasna says:

    entered on the book avenue

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