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“When Jack and I first started out, we really only saw one feasible option for getting our work into the hands of potential readers: indie publishing. If we wanted to be able to write the stories we were inspired to tell, and then get them directly into Kindles, we had to do it ourselves. There just wasn’t any other way that made any sense to us. We’re indies because we love the freedom to tell stories our way. We love to intentionally and artfully break the rules of fiction, to twist the tropes in on themselves, to turn clichés on their heads; we’re never content to tell the same story twice. We’re driven to challenge ourselves as storytellers, and indie publishing affords us that opportunity, that unique freedom. Creative control, artistic direction, complete control over every aspect of the production of each book from inception to publication to marketing—all these are true. But the freedom to tell a story no one else could tell but Jasinda Wilder? That’s why I love being an indie.”

Jack and Jasinda Wilder

~Amazon Kindle Direct Published authors since April 2012

~More than 60 published titles

~New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and International bestsellers

~International translations sold in over 20 countries. 


Thank you, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Celebrating Indie with us! 

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  1. J Rawlings says:

    Jasinda Wilder is, without hesitation, one of my all-time FAVORITE authors!!! Just read her latest book “Thresh” from the “Alpha One Security” series —- and I can’t wait until she has “Duke” available to purchase!!! I love how she incorporates characters we’ve come to love from her previous books into her present book, so I get a glimpse into ‘what’s up’ with characters I’ve become attached to.

    I have all of her books because I just love the way she tells a story. Her characters are rich, memorable, multi-layered and interesting. My trouble is I can’t put the book away and get to bed at a decent hour because I don’t want to stop reading — but it’s a great problem to have.

    Can’t WAIT for her to release new books!!

  2. AM Furie says:

    Love that you inspire to go Indie. I’m almost there and following in your shadow. Love how quickly you write and get published – I’m constantly looking for updates to A1S, or Djinn series. – love them all!

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